Monday, June 20, 2011

A Weekend in Arnhem

      Its weird that I have been here for five months and I hadn't done that many things here around Arnhem.  Arnhem isn't the biggest city ever but does have a few things to do. One weekend Emily and I went to the Open Air Museum and the Zoo.
     The Open Air Museum is kind of like Old World Wisconsin.  It is a park set up like a village from the past.  You can go in all the different buildings and see old tools, furniture, farming equipment, etc.  It was also cool that there were about five windmills there which I always love seeing. We didn't have the best weather this day as it was a little cold and rainy. Because the park is so big, they have a free tram that you can hop on and off that goes around the park. We didn't realize before going how big the park was and how much time you needed there, so we weren't able to really go into a lot of the buildings and look around. After walking around the park, we took a coffee break while we waited for the next showing of the Holland Rama.  The Holland Rama is kind of hard to explain.  Its kind of like a 4-D movie but not really.  You sit on theses benches but they move around showing you a variety of different set ups as a speaker (it was only in Dutch) described the scene. (
The next day we went to the Burger's Zoo. ( We had much better weather this day, it was sunny and warm.  It was a pretty big zoo and it was nice just to be outside, walking around enjoying the the weather and seeing the animals.  Its hard to say what my favorite animal was; I think it would be either the penguins because I love watching them play around in the water or the elephants because they are just so big but yet very peaceful. It was a nice weekend in Arnhem, though we did think it was funny that we did everything in one weekend at the very end of our time here but I am glad that I was able to see them.

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