Monday, June 6, 2011

One Last Time!

Bettina, Steph and I
    There was one group in our event management class that was responsible for planning the farewell party for us exchange students.  They had a party in a bar a few weeks back but they had a second half to their event which was last week Wednesday.  It was held at Lokkal 99 which is a bar on campus and they worked with the university to organize it.  We all arrived around 6:30 and each person got two free drinks.  Around 7:00 the program started.  They made a slide show with a picture of each person from each country.  They announced the countries alphabetical and we went up to the little stage and received our certificate from the school and a yearbook that the group had made with a picture of each person. The countries that had the most people here was Spain and the US, I think we both had about 15. After they handed out the certificates they had a variety of small appetizers such as rice, meatballs, hard boiled eggs, Asian noodles, and a few others.  Then we were able to get each other to sign the yearbooks, there was a quiz, and karaoke competition. They also had some awards just for fun.
    -The nicest girl:  Siliva (Spain)                      The nicest guy: Stefan (Canada)
    -The best looking girl: Amandine (France)     The best looking guy: Alex (Spain)
     -The funniest girl: Elenor (Ireland)               The funiest guy: Rafa (Brazil)
-The girl that drinks the most: Marissa (California)The guy that drinks the most: Xavi (Spain)
    -Maneater: Coline (France)                             Womenizer: Conor (Ireland)
     After we all just hung out at the bar until it closed at 11 and then just came back and hung out in the dorms for awhile. It was a pretty fun night though its sad that the good-byes will be starting soon.

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