Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flamenco and Barcelona Champions!

One of my Spanish friends, Didac, is a tutor for one of the Spanish classes here and he told me about this workshop that his teacher was doing and asked if I wanted to go.  It was a workshop on Flamenco dancing with tapas after.  I was really excited because in Valencia, Emily and I wanted to go see Flamenco dancing but it didn't work out.  It was held in one of the buildings on campus and there was probably about 30 people there.  I didn't know anyone there besides Didac.  There are four different types of Flamenco dances and she taught us one of them.  At first we started out very slowly and just learned the feet movements.  The whole time, the instructor spoke in Spanish so it was a good thing that I at least knew when she said left (izquierda) and right (derecho). I didn't always know exactly what words she was saying but I could usually just figure out what she was trying to say or Didac would tell me. After a while I kind of had the hang of the steps but then she decided to teach us the arm movements as well.  That was a little more difficult trying to concentrate on both my feet and arms and then she started to do the dance faster and it went a little downhill from there! We danced for about and hour and a half straight and I was a little tired when we were done! When we were done, the instructor danced for us all four dances; it was really cool to watch! After, we went back the main school building in the Hanger cafe and we got one free drink and some tapas (though Didac said they weren't real tapas). They had some shrimp, salmon, meatballs, chicken, small wraps and few other things.  It was a pretty fun evening; it was nice because it was something different! 
      Saturday we had another BBQ because it was the championship league game that night. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as last time; it was kind of cold, windy and a little rainy at times. It was still really fun and a lot of people were there.  At the BBQ they made a small pool to take bets about that nights game; it was only a euro and I bet 2-1 Barcelona. That night we all went to the Cavern to watch the game between FC Barcelona and Manchester United. Barcelona won 3-1 (so I didn't win the pool!)! I was supporting Barcelona and wore my jersey that I bought in Barcelona. It was another fun day/night! 

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