Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Schools Out for Summer!

Bettina, Lisa and I
I am all done with school for the summer!! I only had one exam out of five classes.  The exam was suppose to be on the 16th but our teacher said that ten people could take it early on the 6th if they wanted to.  I signed up just so that I could get it done and over with and I am so glad that I did. The exam was for finance which I have really been struggling with this semester.  The exam went pretty well I think; it was really similar to the practice exam that I studied.  Now I have about two weeks to do whatever I want! Next week I am going to Austria to visit two of my friends that I made here who have already gone back home.  I am really excited to go and stay with them and to see Austria!
       I head back to the States on the 23rd, only two weeks to go! Right now its still a big mix of emotions.  A few weeks ago I was just all sad to be leaving soon.  I really love it here and have had the best five months of my life.  The people here are really great and I will be really sad to leave them.  Recently, I have started to feel a little excited to go home.  It will be really nice to see all of my family again.  I think we will have a welcome home/birthday party which I am really looking forward to.  It sounds weird to say, but this life style that I have been living here can get exhausting.  Its been like a big race, trying to do as much as you can before time runs out. I have done a lot here though there is still so much that I want to see and do but I guess it gives me an excuse to come back to Europe!  I know that I will be back some day because I want to visit all the friends that I have made and I hope that some people will come visit me in Wisconsin because it is a really nice place to see in the summer.

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