Monday, June 27, 2011

It's not good bye its see you later!

All good things must come to an end.  I can't believe that my time abroad is over.  My final days were just spent relaxing, hanging out with friends and cleaning.  My check out appointment was Wednesday at 2:00.  I didn't start packing or cleaning till Tuesday and even then I didn't do that much. I took things off of the wall and started putting thing in my suitcases.  Since I didn't' get much done on Tuesday, I had a lot to do on Wednesday. I got my room clean, though everything wasn't completely packed up so I just threw everything into the hallway just to get it out of my room. After getting my room done, Emily and I still had to clean the kitchen and toliet.  Luckily I got that all done and also had time for a few people to stop by to say good bye to. There was a guy and girl that come to inspect my room.  I was a little nervous because I spilled wax twice on my carpet so I rearranged my room so that the bed was covering the wax. Luckily they did not see it so I got my full deposit back.  I had to through all the stuff that I had in the hallway in Mike's room who I was sleeping on his couch for the night.  It was really nice that Max is staying for next semester as well so lots of people gave him the things that they didn't want anymore so I gave him a lot of things too.  After me, Emily and Tad were all checked out we went to the Vivare headquarters to get our deposits back.
My room all cleaned and packed up
For my last night I went out to eat at a pizza place in the city center with Emily, Sixtina, Caro, Hanna, and Tanya.  Then we met Elenor, Nolin and Brittany and the theater for ladies night.  We saw Bridesmaids which was supper funny!! They always to raffles prizes before the movie and I actually won, though it was a 25 euro gift certificate for makeup but since I was leaving I gave it to Brittany.   When I got back I had to finalize my packing and made sure my bags were okay weight wise.  There was a small party going on on the 5th floor since me, Emily, Tad, Raquel, Maitane, Coline and Guillaume were all leaving the next day.  It was so sad saying good bye to everyone and of course I was crying!! But hopefully, most of them are not good byes for ever, they are just see you laters.
Elenore, Emily, Noilin, Brittany, Tanya, Hanna, Caro, me and Six

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