Monday, June 6, 2011

Walibi World

Guillaume and I on the giant drop
Bettina, me, Sean and Rafa on the swings
Shaka is one of the buddies here and has been a really great help to all of us exchange students.  He decided to organize a trip to an amusement park (like 6 Flags) called Walibi World.  There was about 25 of us that went and he had organized a coach bus to take us to the park which is about an hour away from Arnhem.  We left about 9:00am, of course we were suppose to leave at 8:30 but there are also people like Brent who are late! We first went on this ride called Golith (  It really isn't that scary besides the big first drop but it is really long. Didac and I were able to convince Lisa and Bettina to go on it as they had never been on one before.  We told them that this one really didn't look that bad, which it didn't compared to some of the ones I have been on.  We sitting in the cart waiting for it to start when Didac told them that ya this one is kind of high that the drop was pretty big; they start to freak out a little. After the ride got done I looked back at them and the looks on their faces was priceless; Bettina looked just plain scared and Lisa's long blond hair was all covering her face, it was so funny! They said that there were kind of glad that we told them that it wasn't that bad otherwise they wouldn't have gotten on.  This park seemed a lot smaller than Six Flags, it only had a few really big coasters.  We went on one wooden one (which I hate wooden coasters because they are really jerky), one like the giant drop, the swings, bumper cars and the one that's like a boat and swings back and forth. We also went on a few water rides too.  There was the log one that you sit 4-6 people in this log and go around; you don't really get wet until the end when you go down the steeper slide unless you are the guys who slash each other and try to get wet!  Then we went on one that's like a giant bench that spins around; there was water that shoots up from the ground, our group didn't get wet but we saw other people that went on get wet.  Then we went back to the raft one that was broken at first; its the one that they have the big circular rafts that holds about 8 people and you go down the river and over some rapids. Again, you didn't really get wet on the ride but then after when we were waiting to get out, our two groups of rafts started splashing each other.  I think the funnest ride was this one that they had these submariners that ran on a track that held four people and each person had there own water gun that you could shoot at the other submarines.  We had a great day weather wise, it was really hot and sunny so the water felt really nice! There were two other big coasters that we went on the Speed of Sound which was pretty cool and probably my favorite and then I don't remember what the other one was called.We stayed until the park closed at 6 and then headed home.  Most of us were pretty tired on the bus ride home and some of us slept! It was another fun day spent with great people!
Some of the group

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