Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Queen's Day

Queen's Day
Lisa, Aldo and I
Queen's Day or Koninginnedag in Dutch is a national holiday here in Holland on April 30 and it the birthday of Queen Juliana who is the mother of the current queen, Queen Beatrix. There isn't much point to the holiday other than to wear orange and party.  The night before Queen's Day is known as Queen's night and is also celebrated.  On Queen's night we just went to the city center where they had several stages set up with DJs playing music.  On Saturday we went to the park by the city center to just relax and people watch, then we meet the rest of the group by a fountain in the city center, and later that night moved to a big stage outside the Cavern.  It was really cool to see because there was so many people everywhere and mostly were all dressed in orange.  A few guys from our exchange program bought those full body suits in orange and it was pretty funny to see them walking around.  At the end of the night on Queen's Day the streets were so covered in plastic cups that you couldn't even really see the ground, I feel sorry for whoever had to clean up the next day! There was a few people who studied here last semester that came back to visit for the weekend so I got to meet some of them and other students had some of their friends from their home university visiting.  For more information about Koninginnedag you can visit

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