Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be Nerd! Be Sexy! Geek Party!

Our event management group: Iker, Mikel, Stefan, Pablo, me, Coline,
Xavi, Max, Didac and I at the party
For my event management class, each group has to put on an event.  Our event was held Thursday, April 28th at the Plaza which is a popular bar in the city center.  Our event was called "Be Nerd! Be Sexy! Geek Party!"  It was a fund-raising party for a group in Sri Lanka with a theme of "nerds."  That week Wednesday we had a table set up at school to hand out flyers and sell tickets.  We only sold 20 tickets ahead of time which was fine because there was no incentive for people to buy there tickets early since they were the same price at the door. We charged people three euros for the ticket which included the admission into the bar, a free shot and a ticket into our raffle.  Our group had to be at the bar at 7 to meet our clients and set up all the decorations though people really didnt start arriving till about 11.  We were worried that less people would come because it was kind of rainy outside and that weekend was Queen's Day so we thought maybe people wouldn't want to go out three nights in a row.  We had a photo booth in the entrance of the bar and it was my job to take pictures of everyone as they came in.  Most of the people were dressed as nerds and we had a prize for the best dressed guy and girl nerd.  Overall the night was really successful and we had 196 guests and made about 600 euros to donate to our charity.  I think it helped that we were the first event management group to hold our event so people were still excited about it but maybe by the end of May when the last party is people might be less likely to go. Our group had to stay till the end party which ended about 3:00am to take down all of the decorations.  Its nice that we did our event early because now we are almost done with the class; we just have to do an evaluation of our event and complete our portfolio.

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