Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good-bye Wisconsin!!!

Today is finally the day that I leave for Europe!!! It has come really quickly and its hard to believe that I am actually going.  I am really excited; I am not really nervous I just hope that I did not forget something important.  My mom and dad are taking me down to Chicago where I am meeting Stephanie and Emily at 3.  Our flight leaves at 6 and then we arrive in Amsterdam around 9 tomorrow morning (there time).  I think it is about an 8 hour flight and then they are about 7 hours ahead of Wisconsin.  It is really nice that we have a direct flight and do not have to worry about catching another plane.  Then once we arrive, we have to take a train to where we are staying.  Wednesday we dont have anything to do other than to check into our dorm. Then Thursday and Friday is orientation and classes start on Monday.  Some times I forget that I am actually going to school and have to attend classes.  I have mostly been focused on the traveling around Europe part of the trip. I did most of my packing yesterday and just had a little to finish this morning.  I have one large suitcase and one that is a little smaller that I am hoping I can carry on.  Then I also have my backpack.  Everyone told me to pack light, but that was much easier said than done!! I probably packed too much and will end up leaving somethings there.  I hope that my suitcases are not over the weight limit; I tried to way them this morning and I think they should be ok but its hard to tell for sure with this scale that we have.  I have already been talking to three of my friends in Germany and I am excited to go and visit them.  Good-bye Wisconsin, I will see you in five months!!

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